What Our Clients Say

"Thewebuyteam really helped me out, I had a rental property that I could no longer maintain. Rather than do the upgrades it needed to put on the market. Thewebuyteam took care of everything for me and made the process extremely easy and the team was very nice in the process."

Denise M, Hemet CA


“I had a home that was left to me, I didn’t want the property and didn’t want to go through the process with a realtor. THE WE BUY TEAM came in and took care of everything for me, they also assisted me in the removal of the belongings in the property. The entire team was really helpful and knew what they were doing”. Thanks Webuyteam.

Rizwan U, San Dimas, CA


“As an experienced real estate investor, I simply did not want to continue ownership of the property.  I met the WEBUY team by way of my contractor and the rest is history”.

Glen S – Montecito Drive, Los Angeles


“You ever have one of those projects with lots of unexpected surprises??  Well, I began getting in a little too deep and had to cut the cord.  So thankful for the understanding WeBuyTeam.  They totally understand the industry”.

Tony B – 10th Street, San Bernardino


“I had no idea where to start.  I had to move my aunt into an assisted living facility and my aunt needed to sell her property.  Leaving me in charge while working full-time and out-of-state, my aunt and I needed help.  I found the We Buy team and they helped us to navigate the waters”. 

Daniel C – Dalton Azusa